I hear they have coffee here

by Heather Vandenengel

SEATTLE-TACOMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, SEATTLE, WA — I made a resolution to myself to write a blog post every day, Monday through Friday, on this trip, and so here I am on Day One. All I have done is fly here from Boston, so there’s not much to report yet, but here is a brief roundup of that flight:

+ Window seat

+ Middle seat was empty

+ Read a book and wrote an article

– Thought I deleted the article by accident

+ But I didn’t

+ Watched Chef and loved it

– Developed a craving for a grilled cheese and/or a cubano

– Watched Below Deck, a Bravo reality TV series about crews working on private yachts

+ The narrative arc concerned a crew member standing up for herself by folding the “primary charter guest’s” blanket into the shape of a penis.

+ Met the cute guy in the aisle seat who is going hiking this weekend with his dad

– He has a wife

– And is a Christian-Scientist

– Didn’t sleep, and only slept four hours on Wednesday night and three last night

– I am Sleepless in Seattle

+ I hear they have coffee here