Winter blues in black & white

by Heather Vandenengel


Whenever I’m going through a tough spot, there seems to be a turning point when perspective shifts from misery to curiosity. The misery of this winter, for example: Isn’t it interesting how we can talk about the weather all day long and it doesn’t once think about us? How we’re just trudging along, moving around piles of snow and slush when the sky opens up once again, without sympathy or mercy, exposing weaknesses in infrastructure, mobility and sanity? Really makes you think.

And really, it’s not all bad. I have greatly expanded my repertoire of soups, rediscovered the joys of letter writing, and am getting around to doing something with a long-neglected stockpile of film.

The other day I picked up my film camera, a Nikon FM10, and saw that there was still a roll of film in it. I spent the next few days shooting photos here and there only to realize that the whole roll had already been exposed, but I apparently hadn’t been able to rewind it, and so had just left it in the camera like the diligent film photographer I am. While I wanted to pick up a new one, I still have eight or so rolls I need to develop before I’ll allow myself to buy any more. So, here are some black and white photos taken with my DSLR, a Sony NEX6. Same effect I suppose, but not quite.

Good luck out there, you hardy New Englanders. I think we’re going to make it through, and with stories to tell on the other side.